C3D Prime

Introducing 3D animated content for new-age learners

C3D Prime

Prime learning is equipped with multi-mode learning methodologies to support in-depth, conceptual, and personalized learning for four core subjects. Our topics are illustrated to engage, interact and excite the students towards more academic excellence.

Our Four steps learning process.

3D Video

Engaging content in 3D videos that helps enrich your child’s learning and ability to learn independently.

Active Learning

Prime supports active learning to make students interact with the video while watching to evaluate the level of engagement.


Prime Learning leaves no stone unturned when it comes to challenging the kids through our virtual quiz, which helps the parents understand the children’s stronger and weaker points in subjects.


You can evaluate your student’s performance on every topic and get informed on weak and strong learning spots through our topic wise assessment.

Learning methodologies we support

Every student will have their own method of absorbing the information and that too at a different pace. Prime Learning supports different learning methodologies to make sure, no child is left behind in learning. Our Research and content team consistently works towards enhancing the learning ability of the student and perform well in every class.