Snake game

Relive your childhood with the snake game

Snake game

Snake is a type of video game genre where the player maneuvers a growing line that becomes a primary obstacle to itself.

Why choose snake game

Learn spatial awareness

Snake is a classic game that requires players to assess their surroundings and find the quickest or safest route to a point. This is an excellent opportunity to learn about spatial awareness and plan ahead to your next move.

Learn strategic planning

The classic game is infamous for using your own success against you when you become so long that you get in your own way. There are not many that would educate on long-term strategic planning.

Patience level

The game requires patience in order to grow and a cool head once you inevitably lose. These are all valuable skills to learn early on in a child’s life that will benefit them in later years.

With this snake game Now, your children have the opportunity to experience this game for the first time, with all its frustrations and satisfyingly long achievements still intact.