Product information and technology

We help in making your business agile with custom made digital retail solutions  


Profcyma’s e-commerce technology solutions fuel the industry’s digital transformation and help in providing the customers with the best omnichannel experiences.

Product information and technology

We help in making your business agile with custom made digital retail solutions

Reimagine operational processes

Your retail store can be optimized with digital solutions on day-to-day operations, increasing the productivity of employees, maximizing the productivity of stores.

Redesign Customer Experience

With our data-driven technological solutions, we deliver a united, contactless, and more personalized shopping experience across omnichannel.

What we do?

We focus on achieving the digital transformation in the e-commerce industry of all the domains and strengthening the business value by harnessing the power of technology and innovation.

Unleashing Hyper Efficiency

We empower retailers to leverage cutting-edge technologies such as AI or Blockchain that allow operational visibility across the entire retail value chain. We help you to transform retail experiences that improve inventory management, empower employees and reduce costs, and improve customer service based on user data.

Digital Customer Experience

We help retailers provide a seamless digital experience to their customers across the buyer’s journey with the best retail solutions. As customer behavior continues to evolve rapidly, we aim to provide the omnichannel digital experience that helps in initiating new customer relationships and enhancing customer experience.

Digitizing Retail

We can help in the digitization of the entire business process and thus create a better future in the entire retail environment. We help in simplifying and automating IT retail operations through every touchpoint in the value chain.

Reimaging Shopping Journeys

Our use of modern and innovative solutions helps to expand a business’s customer base and transform your customer experience at all points by using assistive technologies. The customers will also get a customized shopping experience online by collecting and analyzing the data with integrated digital retail solutions.

Explore Our Solutions for Digital Retail And eCommerce

Adopt new business models that allow you to bring digital consumer touchpoints at every point of the retail process and invest in immersive technology to embrace retail digital transformation. By revamping your retail ecosystem, we can help a business become adaptive, agile, and innovative.

Customer Experience

We help in the improvement of the customer experience of buying throughout the entire buying journey. Our team of experts helps in delivering personalized interactions for all the customers from the process of buying to delivery.

Digital Solutions

The retail digital transformation helps a business separate itself from the other competitors present. With the integration of cutting-edge technologies that automate operations, anticipate user needs, personalized interactions, and drive the growth of the business.

Supply Chain Management

Our digital retail and e-commerce solutions make sure to give our customers smooth supply chain management systems including the planning of the supply chain, optimizing networks, taking care of transportation and logistic management, and the service after-sales.

Omnichannel Commerce Solutions

Our experts help a business deliver a unified customer experience across online and offline channels. Our omnichannel commerce solutions help in deploying cross-channel integration systems, e-commerce, data management, and analytics solutions

mCommerce Solutions

Our services help a business deliver a seamless customer experience and attain real-time visibility with m-commerce solutions. This includes features like order booking, tracking, cancellation, dispatch, return, integrated data analytics, etc.

Retail Data & Analytics

The analytics of the data of customer behavior, inventories, store performance, market trends, etc helps the business unlock valuable insights, that can help in better decision making for the future.

An e-commerce platform Delivery Basket’s screen

Automated logistic planning

It helps in minimizing the dependency of the supply chain on humans by completely automating logistics planning

Real-time visibility

Our live visibility and fleet tracking solution help you stay on top of your on-ground logistics and manage your supply chain more efficiently

Simplify your e-commerce business with our modern and optimal services and solutions.

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Digital Product Engineering for Retail

Profcyma helps a business to reinvent the mobile app development lifecycle and renews your experience of digital retail and eCommerce service. The process involves conceptualization, designing a roadmap, development, testing, and delivering the retail solution.


We help you to outline the strategic orientation and craft the future strategy to visualize t

Product design

  1. We have a team of experts in UI/UX designing who take care of the complete look and feel of the products which is consistent with the brand image. 

Application development

We help businesses deliver a superior online shopping experience through our latest retail app development solutions. Which delivers personalized experiences and maximum ROI.

Legacy modernization

We help you transform your business process into modern retail infrastructure to safe and secure overall experiences.

Support and maintenance

We have a team of experts who are responsible for providing you with timely support and maintenance services to keep your business updated and enhance services that help in enhancing the features of the application.

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Customers are now adapting to new shopping habits while expecting a superior retail customer experience. Therefore the retailers need to be agile and be able to respond faster than ever before to any type of challenge for managing the customers like responding quickly to the customer’s requirements. With the help of hybrid cloud and AI we can help you develop an omnichannel strategy for your business to manage the challenges ahead and make your business future-ready.