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For a happy and joyful life being healthy is the primary key, to keep ourselves healthy nutritious diet from a good nutritionist is most important. So this Nutrihealth Diet management software helps in assigning the customers the best diet intake plan and helps in managing it to keep the client’s health in check.

Features of the Fitness software

Personalized Diet & Meal Plan generator

This Fitness Software helps dieticians to design a systematic diet plan for the clients to fulfill their requirements of the clients. The nutritionist helps to prepare a proper diet on the basis of different tests conducted on a person. The automatically generated diet plan be altered by the nutritionist according to the necessity.

Measurement & Progress Report

The Fitness software stores all the data of particular customers like personal details and different tests conducted on the client. The before and after data of the clients is analyzed and the dietician gets details of the progress of the patient after following the meal plan given by the nutritionist according to the fixed date.

Electronic Medical Records for your clients

The software helps in digitizing the health care records of a patient so that the information about a patient remains easily accessible anytime anywhere by the nutritionist or any other doctor. The Electronic health record helps to speed up the diagnosis process of a patient with easy access to previous records.

Online Consultation

Through this nutritionist software, the nutritionist guides the patient to achieve the best health by providing health and diet tips along with expert consultation, and progress monitoring all these processes is done online without physically attending the dietician/nutritionist too easily, quickly, and effectively.


Telemedicine helps health care professionals to evaluate and set diet plans for individuals using telecommunications technology. Our Fitness software makes health care practices more accessible and cost-effective for its users.

Manage the Diet Plan

The Fitness software offers a user-friendly diet plan management feature. You can easily create diet plans for your customers and the system will automatically remind them just before mealtime.

Benefits of the software

Easy Client Management

It helps to easily manage the client’s profile and their enrolled packages. Easiest payment methods

Easier Payment & Billing

Safe and secure access, autogenerated bills with easy payment gateways. Helps to easily create invoices, receive payments online and maintain records of all the transactions.

Client Mobile App

Through the application, a new customer can register, make an appointment, get instant confirmation from the nutritionist & make payment. A customer can also submit inquiries & service feedback on the mobile app.

Client History & their health Progress

It helps to Keep clients’ medical history in place, make progress charts available to the client.

Delivering nutritional expertise

Empowering your business to deliver wellness and personalized nutrition offerings to your clients through our best management software.

Managing the health of clients has become easier than ever before

NutriAdmin meal plans

Fulfill the expectations of your clients with advanced meal planning software for nutritionists, personal trainers, and nutritionists. And create professional meal plans in seconds. Our software can prove to be the best meal planning software for all nutritionists and fitness professionals so that they can ensure that their clients accomplish their goals.

Reports and templates

With this nutritionist software, you can completely automate your report templates software. You can create standardized and personalized reports for your clients in no time. With questions asked during the consultation, the report of clients is generated in the least time.

A Secure Web App for your Clients

We provide our clients with the most secure login portal to keep the client data safe and secure. When the client gets access to it they can share the meal plans and reports with only one click for the convenience of the clients and to keep them more engaged. Also, you can track the progress of clients with their fitness tracking.

Optimal Fleet Management

This app allows you to manage your delivery fleet efficiently by planning the right mix of owned vs outsourced fleet vehicles to suit your delivery demands and also plan dispatches by clubbing orders intelligently to utilize every vehicle to its fullest potential.

Industries that use Fitness software are

  1. Sports industry
  2. Fitness industry
  3. Gym
  4. Healthcare industry
  5. Yoga studios industry
  1. Martial arts schools
  2. Personal training business
  3. Digital health assessment
  4. Aerobics
  5. Swimming

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