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Our Services

We offer future-oriented healthcare software development services to make the overall process easy for you

Medical Appointment Scheduling Apps

Clinics and hospitals are offered a comprehensive medical appointment booking app solution to reduce no-shows and last-minute surprises by allowing patients to book appointments easily.

Fitness Tracking Apps

Offer the best fitness tracking app to the health fanatics so they can keep track of their physical activity and make daily workout plans, and enhance your fitness training business with a fully-featured fitness training solution.

Diet and Nutrition Tracking Apps

An effective and affordable solution to help users get their customized health-related diet chart and food intake plan ready along with keeping a track of their daily calorie intake along with a diet and nutrition tracking app.

What we do

We focus on achieving the digital transformation in the healthcare industry of all the domains and strengthen the business value by harnessing the power of technology and innovation.

Unleashing Hyper Efficiency

Empowering healthcare sectors to leverage cutting-edge technologies that allow operational visibility across the entire healthcare industry. We can help to transform healthcare experiences that bring easy to use platform for patients and doctors, with easy time management, and help provides better consultation based on the user data.

Complete Digital Experience

Enabling medical and healthcare professionals to provide a seamless customer experience with our helpful solutions. Our team always keeps up with the latest trends in the healthcare industry so that we are always able to provide the best possible services.

Digitizing the process

Helping your healthcare business to realize and create a better future by digitizing the entire purchase environment. Profcyma simplifies IT deployment for all medical and healthcare operations for a simplified experience across every digital touchpoint throughout the value chain.

Reimaging healthcare and fitness Journeys

We aim to help our customers transform their customer experience across all touchpoints by leveraging their assistive technologies. Personalize the customer’s/patients experience by collecting and analyzing the data with the latest digital solutions.

End-to-End Healthcare App Development Services

An experienced team of medical app developers, deep domain knowledge, and a growing client base in the healthcare industry make us an ideal digital healthcare technology partner.

Mobile Consulting

Being your digital healthcare technology partner and a top healthcare app development company, we offer expert guidance on healthcare strategies and implementation.

Health App Development

Our expert healthcare app developers ensure HIPAA compliance, interoperability, and reliable healthcare applications for mobile, wearables, and web for enhanced care delivery.

Healthcare App UI/UX

We understand the importance of good design in healthcare, hence our team provides you with intuitive UI/UX and branding solutions for your health app.

Back-end Implementation

We help you develop apps that are fully integrated with existing healthcare IT infrastructure, make app EHR (electronic health record) integration smoother, and cut back costs with effective back-end system development.

Third-party Integrations

We have extensive experience in integration with several platforms through SDK, and also develop middleware platforms to let your app connect to other non-mobile channels via APIs.

Security and Compliance

As a digital healthcare technology partner, we take patient data security very seriously and offer dedicated services to meet all the rules and regulations set by various healthcare authorities.

Success Stories


User friendly-The application is designed in a very user-friendly manner so that it becomes easier for the client to avail facilities of all the features.


The Nutri-health applications help the admin analyze the client’s health condition and assign them their diet plans for the desired fitness goals.

Our Healthcare Mobile App Development Process

Our development team follows the agile method for medical app development that helps us to build the iterative healthcare application. The steps involved in the mobile development process involves

Requirement Analysis of project

At this step, we develop an execution plan after the analysis of the needs and requirements of the project.

Design & Development

The UI/UX of the application is made and it is finalized then the right technology and framework for the development process is selected

Compliance & Integrations

The regulatory requirements of the development project are met and then the backend integration process is completed and connectivity is built.

Testing and Deployment

After completion of the development process the testing of the software is done, after testing these bugs are fixed by the developer and the application is ready to be deployed.


App Maintenance

Using the app monitoring tools, we help you monitor and maintain your app performance and keep it consistent. Our maintenance support provides you with several benefits such as auto backup, feature extension, usability enhancements, and more.

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