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Our education solutions help in creating cognitive campuses that help students and teachers improve educational experiences.

Our Qualities

Profcyma’s LMS is used by the students who are pursuing online courses from recognized universities providing distance education.

Consistency of learning

Delivering the course online through an LMS keeps the content centralized so all students have a single source of content, instructions, and questions. No excuses for old books or last year’s material.

Easy tracking & reporting

With an LMS you can easily track the progress of your students. You can see at a glance who finished the course, who is halfway, and who didn’t even start studying.

Better results through students engagement

Because the learning material is more engaging, users will find it interesting and learn more. We combine texts, images, and videos in the learning management system.

What we do

We help

At present online learning has become the major source of learning for students, especially due to the covid pandemic when meeting online is much easier and for delivering education online LMS is most essential.

Effective creation of teaching lessons

The LMS can prove to be the best medium for teaching students online by preparing the lessons and video lectures covering every aspect and uploading it on the LMS.

Systematic delivery of lessons

The prepared lectures, videos and learning pdfs, etc are uploaded on the LMS from where the students can access everything at any time according to their convenience.

Effective management of lessons

Timely new notes and videos as prepared by the tutor are uploaded in the LMS for the students, which can be accessed at any time and anywhere by students.

Easy learnings for the students

 Students can get all the study material in a single place and all the recorded lectures can be accessed at any time and anywhere in the student’s comfort zone, which makes the process easy for the students.

Benefits of using education LMS

The LMS can be used for teaching online lessons or for training sessions that can also be conducted by an admin in which a large number of students can join and learn. An LMS(Learning Management System) is online learning software that helps to create, deliver and manage learning lessons online. The LMS can be used by universities, teaching institutes, students, offices for providing training to the employees.

Save infrastructure costs

It’s cost-effective to invest in LMS software once you start using the LMS software for online teaching programs instead of a traditional, offline method where a complete setup of classrooms is required. Therefore using the LMS saves a lot of costs, involved in infrastructure.

Update Learning materials quickly

Your teaching lessons and classes don’t have to be outdated anymore. When everything is online, you can make changes to your teaching content through the LMS. Written material or in-person presentations are less effective, as you’ll have to design and deliver from scratch every time something changes.

Distant students can also get the opportunity of learning

The student who is at a distance should not miss out on training opportunities. Whether they are learning from home or from another location, you don’t have to spend time and money to bring everyone to the same place. Virtual training helps in building learning programs even when we are far away

Engage and motivate learners

Sometimes it’s about getting familiar with company policies or understanding compliance regulations. In those cases, training may sound less than exciting. To make sure that learners stay focused, you can add some interactivity and gamification elements (e.g., quizzes, awards, and internal competitions) using your LMS.

Learning easily on the go

Learning programs slow down productivity. The classes that take place during working hours require employees to step out of their tasks on a specific day and time. But choosing an LMS for training means that employees can keep learning even outside the office, at a time that’s most convenient to them. Using a mobile LMS platform, employees can access their training courses during commute or work travel.

Improve retention rates

Employees value career development. Offer them opportunities to build on their skills by creating an online course library inside your LMS. This can be a win-win situation if you build courses that improve company knowledge and help employees gain new competencies or develop their existing skills without moving to a different role.

Success Stories

Profcyma LLP

We take pride in being the best distance education admission provider in India. 

Profcyma LLP

We take pride in being the best distance education admission provider in India. 

LMS for

The LMS reports can be used to evaluate your courses based on how well learners are doing on follow-up tests and assignments. The users of the LMS are tutors, administrators, learners

Main features of Profcyma LMS

Track progress-Ability to track and monitor the learner’s progress with real-time alerts and notifications.

The benefit to multiple students- Webinar and virtual training sessions hosting, enabling multiple students to participate through audio and video

Mobile-friendly- LMS design is user-friendly so that you can use your LMS on smartphones and tablets and enable learners to study when offline.

Third-party integration- Integration with third-party systems and data exchange through eLearning standards.

Payment integration- Option to sell your courses and integration with payment processors, such as PayPal and Stripe.

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