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The important features of the Profcyma CRM include

Marketing Automation

This part of the CRM includes features that incorporate proficient business strategies, efficient marketing process, dynamic automation technologies to help businesses with lead acquisition, lead assigning and lead nurturing.

SalesForce Automation

The sales force automation process helps the sales professionals through the complete automation of processes like contact management with prospects, activity management, alerts and notifications, opportunity and task management, etc.

Customer Service Automation

It helps with Customer service automation and it facilitates automation of services like trouble ticketing, customer case tracking, responding to customer inquiries, scheduling, and resource assignments in real time to high priority requests.

SalesForce Automation

The sales process is very important for the success of any type of business and the best way for the growth of a business is to invest in good Sales management software. Some businesses sell their products and some, their services. But most importantly what remains important for a business is to make sales.

Helps in Improving Sales Management

Understanding the key role of sales for every business is difficult without the sales tracking software. CRM software offers sales force automation systems to improve sales strategies that help to boost the potential of Sales Professionals by facilitating them in identifying their opportunities.

Accurate Forecasting & Reporting

The most important feature of this CRM is the forecasting functionality that helps the managers and sales directors to generate accurate and timely reports. These reports prove to be very beneficial for future decision-making and increasing productivity.

Contact Management

The sales force automation process helps sales personnel to manage their contacts, accounts, lead pipelines, and other activities connected to the prospects. The Profcyma CRM along with being in contact with the management software helps to seamlessly manage the relationships with the customers. This helps in engaging customers and improving customer retention rates.

Activity Management

The CRM manages all the essential activities such as alert and notification, opportunity management and task management, etc. Activity management lets you control all the activities taking place in your organization. Moreover, the Alerts and Notification feature are most beneficial as they notify you when a task gets completed or anything else which is important and you want to be notified about.

Opportunity Management

The Profcyma CRM allows a business to streamline the sales pipeline and to keep the track of the complete lead process which increases sales, moreover, it allows a business to streamline the sales pipeline and keep track of the lead until the final lead closure stage. Thus Profcyma CRM is the best sales management software.

Task Management

It helps in managing your tasks easily in your organization from a single place, this, in turn, helps in increasing the productivity of the entire team by keeping a track of all the activities and with remainders fulfilling every task.

Increase performance and build lasting relationships with customers through our cloud-based sales CRM.

Moving to the cloud offers many benefits, but with systematic planning. CRM software is a very important part of all types of business processes. The Profcyma CRM helps in the complete automation of any business process.

Marketing Automation

Businesses understand that marketing is the most important part of driving sales and business growth. Therefore the organizations invest heavily in marketing automation software to improve their overall operational efficiency and increase revenue. So the CRM automation feature helps and supports the organizations to increase revenue.

Customer Journey Automation

Marketing automation has the capability of taking your business to the next level with a saving of resources and also helps in nurturing the leads through proficient automated campaigns. This campaign helps to drastically enhance customer engagement within a cost-effective method, delivering meaningful customer experiences along with helping a company to grow.

Marketing Funnel Automation

The Marketing funnel automation in CRM helps businesses with lead acquisition, lead scoring, lead scoring, lead nurturing and lead conversions which ensures that leads are effectively passed between marketing and sales departments. Which incorporates robust business strategies, efficacious marketing processes, and dynamic automation technologies.

Marketing Campaign Automation

To serve the basic needs of a business CRM’S marketing automation allows entrepreneurs to create, launch and track campaigns and other marketing techniques to the customers. The marketing practices in marketing campaign automation such as lead generations, segmentation, cross-selling and ROI analysis, etc.

Automated Email Marketing

The marketing solution of the CRM enables business owners to adopt the fully optimized technology that makes the work of employees much easier through different resources like email marketing, newsletter-based campaigns, and non-email-based campaigns like SMS campaigns, etc.

Customer Service Automation

Customer service is an important part of any type of business for retention of existing customers therefore it is a mandatory part of any business in the present world. The customers now have a variety of products and services to choose from, the customer support and service have become very important.

Personalized Customer Experiences

We guarantee that the product designed by us will be bug-free but if any are found, they will be fixed for free within a short period of time.

Customer Contact Management

An organization’s profitability increases with the automation of customer service processes. A good relationship with the customer results is the key to the company’s success.

Improve Customer Relationships

Profcyma CRM supports trouble ticketing, management of interaction history and escalations, customer case tracking, management of product problems, responding to customer inquiries, and sharing customer service information across the entire organization.

Industries that can use Profcyma CRM are are

  1. Retail
  2. Banking
  3. Hotels
  4. Financial Services
  5. Insurance
  1. Consulting
  2. Agriculture
  3. Travel and tourism
  4. Human resource management
  5. Sales and marketing

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