Get your organization the most Intuitive Learning Management System (LMS)

Profcyma LMS, Corporate training software helps your organization to train employees in the best way and engage them to participate more actively.

What we do

Today most organizations require an automated learning process to train their employees as it is the most convenient way. The Profcyma Corporate LMS systems allow you to deliver hassle-free online training to your employees, new employees, partners, and customers.

Mobile and offline learning

Employees can access the training materials the way they want to, from any device. They can even learn offline, using our apps.

Unlimited storage space

We put no limit on memory or the number of files. You can use as much space as you need and upload unlimited content courses, videos, presentations, etc.

Fully-integrated authoring tool

Easily develop eLearning courses, quizzes, video lectures, and simulations, and upload them to the LMS in just a few clicks.

Dedicated passionate support

All cases get resolved within very less time. Our team of experts will support you during the entire partnership.

Advanced reporting

Track learners’ progress in real-time. With types of reports, it’s easy to analyze and visualize the effectiveness of your teaching strategy.

User-friendly and Fresh interface

Your learners will enjoy the LMS and never be confused, getting a clear understanding of using the application.

Best features of LMS for your modern workforce

Each platform on this list has unique features. Some of the important LMS features include

Course creation

Profcyma LMS tool makes it easy to create courses for the admin. Look for features like the ability to import existing e-learning content or those that use automation to create course content from existing resources.

Learning Library

The Profcyma LMS contains most of the tools on this list and has learning libraries that allow you to supplement your own materials with those from experts in various fields.


Our Corporate LMS platform includes gamification features that help to motivate employees to participate in different courses. Look for badges, certificates, and leaderboards.


The learning process can turn into a collaborative experience. It focuses more on interaction with employees and the admin, therefore, facilitating interactive virtual classrooms.

Our LMS has simplified employee training facilities.

The LMS helps you to launch, track, and report types of employee training, in one centralized location, that can be viewed on any device.

Digitize your training process

Profcyma LMS users can create integrations using APIs of other applications and services in order to streamline the onboarding processes, track audience engagement, synchronize data between LMS and other collaborative CRMs as well as mobile, and social apps.

It saves time and cost

Companies are investing a tremendous amount of money in conducting training programs for their employees. With the use of a corporate LMS, a company can save a tremendous amount of its budget. This also helps in increasing the profitability and productivity of your organization.

More scalable and adaptable

Our corporate LMS used for training offers better scalability and flexibility. It can be used by a large number of students. The Profcyma LMS at the same time makes it easier to scale than the traditional training programs. You can create courses, test, them according to your training requirements and then deploy training programs quickly.

A Centralized way of managing your content

Profcyma corporate LMS software enables you to organize and update the content easily by the admin with only a single click. Users/ employees can access all types of data, information, anything forms anywhere. The admin can update the learning material centrally at any time, and then the user can access the updated data easily.

Easy performance tracking

LMS for Corporates has advanced performance tracking features that keep managers keep all records of training progression taking place. It provides detailed analytics of the employees which helps you to make important decisions that help for future progress. Reporting tools can instantly compile real-time data and deliver it in detailed reports with charts.

The business that uses this delivery software are

  1. Education
  2. Healthcare
  3. Hospitality
  4. IT industry
  5. Legal industry
  1. Manufacture industry
  2. Insurance
  3. Finance
  4. Public sector
  5. Franchising based business

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