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Profcyma People

About Profcyma’s True Success Story.

The Profcyma People

Profcyma is an organisation where along with the growth of the company growth of our employees is our priority.The team members of profcyma are one family when it comes to festivals or feast celebrations,the work environment here is very friendly and team members are ready to help each other in every manner possible.

Bharat Gaddamwar

Mr. Bharat Gaddamwar the Chief Executive Officer and founder of Profcyma is a man who is very passionate about his goal. He has been working in this industry for about 10yrs now. He is very proficient in his work and his vision is to remodel the prevailing marketing strategies. He is a very good leader who is actively engaged with our clients across multiple sectors to make sure that we are continuously delivering the best online marketing service possible. He is a visionary, a very good orator, and a leader who thoroughly acknowledges the evolution of business and understands how to keep up with the industry. Along with all of these he also provides consultation to our clients based on current marketing strategies which makes our clients superior to their competitors.

Nitin Kangude

Mr Nitin Kangude is the founder and Chief Operating Officer and founder at Profcyma who is highly dedicated towards his work .His genius is in the simplicity that he brings to the work.He has been working in this field for about more than 5 yrs now.He looks after the day to day operations of this vastly growing industry.His attention-to-detail and leadership have been crucial in creating a systematic program He is very apt in executing business operations to generate customer value.His working style is future oriented which makes our company work head to head with the modern marketing techniques.He helps profcyma team members with his problem solving capabilities.He works very passionately to empower clients to get unparalleled service experience from our digital marketing company

Sawan Aware

Mr. Sawan Aware is the Chief Technical Officer of Profcyma who is exceedingly committed to provide the best possible service to our clients. He has his hands in this field for about 7 and more years now, he has delivered some top quality of services from his end within this time span. His brilliance is absolute in the field of Digital Marketing. His main aim is to meet the requirements of the market dynamics and evolving technologies to deliver the best possible services. He constantly keeps keen attention towards the ever-changing technologies so that we can always improve our services and make them better. The team of Profcyma has learned and developed a lot under his able guidance. He is skilled in designing products that are customized according to the present Online Marketing Strategies and client requirements in mind.