Protracker app will help to streamline your field operations

A Powerful Tracking, Monitoring & Reporting System Along With Convenient Tools & Workflows to Accelerate Your Field Operations

Features of the application

Get a fully automated solution for planning, executing, and managing your logistics optimally with us. Our system has integrations with leading solution providers to ensure a seamless experience for our customers.

Location Tracking

You can easily Know where your field staffs are easier now with Profcyma Protracker 

Attendance Management

An organization can easily manage the attendance reports of the field employees through the Protracker, with the help of this the executive can report to work from anywhere on the field.

Visit Management

The executive meetings are scheduled in the Protracker. The complete record of the visits and record visit outcomes from field locations are easily traced through this.

Expense Reimbursement Workflow

The expenses of the executives are perfectly recorded with transparency with their approval and the disbursal process is simplified.

Dashboard & Insights

Getting real-time information on your team operations and optimization of the field operations can be easily done.

Offline Mode

The field staff can also work seamlessly without an Internet connection.

Customer Address Management

The field staff can “Drop a Pin” to save and mark the places that they visit.

Collaborate with Team Members

The team members can easily view the real-time location & activities of other team members at a glance.

Instant Messaging service

This app lets you interact with your field force and each other in real-time.

Benefits of Profcyma Protracker

Real time Tracking information

Easily schedule and track Job Status, Quotations, Parts, Inventory, AMCs, Service Reports, Invoices, and Feedback.

Communication made easier

 Real-time communication and change management to manage your workforce effectively.

Cost-effective and efficient

Proven and cost-efficient enterprise-scale field service CRM.

Improved productivity

You can optimize your Service operations, along with lower costs and improved productivity.

Great Field Work Takes Great Team Work

The best Field Force Automation software that helps you to create bills & schedule tasks and get increased productivity

Ease your business process and increase productivity

The Profcyma Protracker application allows you to streamline your field operations resulting in increased productivity.

Sales & Marketing

For the sales and marketing team, it helps in tracking the real-time location and meetings. Also in getting the real-time location and meetings that also geo-verified proof of clients’ visits. Also, analysis and monitoring of the field staff help in validating conveyance bills. 


In the operation process, the Protracker helps to track the real-time location and task status along with assigning tasks in real-time. The head can take into account the geo-verified proof of work that is completed. Its functions facilitate Informed decision-making with the help of real-time tools and data.


In the retail industry, it helps to track the real-time attendance of workers at the site and also in seeing the real-time staffing strength at all your sites. The attendance of the staff is calculated with the automatic phone-based solution along with recording the time of the entry and exit.

Security services

With security services, a business can track the real-time progress of the work. This application helps in recording and validating clients’ visits. Conveyance bills can be validated through this. The location and presentability of the security staff can also be verified.

Industries that use Profcyma billing software are

  1. Agricultural Industry
  2. Construction Industry
  3. Dairy Products Industry
  4. Education Sector
  5. Electricity, Gas and Water Supply
  1. Food Chain/Delivery Companies
  2. Health and Social Work Companies
  3. Hospitality Industry
  4. Manufacturing Industry
  5. Mining and Quarrying Industry

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