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During the Pandemic the dependence of working professionals, learning students on technology has definitely taken a huge leap. At that time, technology has proved to be very beneficial for making our tasks easier, which has increased the average time spent on the internet to a greater extent. The use of technology has not only made our daily works easier but also has helped us to get easily connected with our friends, family, and relatives. The technology and internet can be the source of joy for many and also the source of discomfort for many. To

maintain a good relationship with technology we need to maintain a perfect balance between the use of technology and refrain from electronic devices.

About a few years ago we used mobile phones only for making calls. But now technology has become immensely powerful now students study online, make video calls, etc to their friends and relatives, shop online, get businesses online, and get connected with customers. And laptops and mobile phones have become our friends, life without the internet and technological devices have become unimaginable. Even though technology has many advantages but it also affects our life in different manners to different areas of our lives, such as social life, productivity, and emotional stability. By establishing a healthy relationship with our technological devices, the internet, and maintaining balance with our personal life, our lives will be affected in positive ways and also will eliminate the disadvantages of technology. It also varies from person to person how much time a person feels entertaining and good with the use of technological devices differs from person to person. Also being able to disconnect from the phone or computer supports not only better focus, decision making, and resilience, but also the overall well-being of a person.

How to keep a healthy relationship with technology

  1. By limiting phone usage time and by getting aware of our habits and behaviors with devices we can access our relationship with technology. The purpose of being online or using the internet must be important or just scrolling through the feed on social media platforms.
  2. keeping the track of the time that is spent on the device, one can analyze that if the time we are spending is productive.
  3. People can limit their use of tech so they can spend more time with their family, and with people close to them. Automatic time trackers can do this for you down to the time you spend on different apps, websites, calls, emails, and locations.
  4. Sometimes the time spent also depends on the type of job that a person is doing. There are jobs where a person is bound to use technological devices for completing his own work, they can Establish their own personal guidelines about using tech, and introducing strict rules has the best effect.
  5. Keeping your devices out of sight, out of mind if you want to reduce the time you spend perusing your devices to be more present at home or work, research suggests that keeping your devices out of sight is most effective. When you can’t see your device, it’s easier to be more in tune with your surrounding environment and to pay more attention to them.
  6. The constant urge of checking our phones within a few minutes has become the habit of everyone. We are constantly on the phone checking emails, messages, or online shopping
  7. Limiting your time on devices is not surprising. You can consider making an actual schedule for when to use them. That could include staying offline for some time in an entire day. Limiting the time of using the devices allows one to set boundaries between personal and professional life.
  8. Maintain a perfect balance between technology and your personal life activities that helps to collect your mental energy and work with focus, which will increase the performance.
  9. A person can take small breaks from technology for some time and rejuvenate themselves with other activities like taking a walk around, small conversations with friends, colleagues in between working hours which also helps in building good relationships among colleagues.

By using our devices responsibly and becoming aware of the impact they have on us, we can optimize the way they work for us instead of becoming addicted to them. We can improve our personal performance and take advantage of it by doing something extra. I believe that re-evaluating how we use technology is crucial to our well-being and our overall performance as leaders.

As a leader, it is very important to establish a healthy relationship with technology in order to improve leadership skills, lead teams efficiently and be successful professionally as well as personally.